A day in the life…

Today, after the week I have had all I can come up with is one sentance thoughts. Thought of a lot of them today, put them all down? ahhhh, why not? In english class they used to call this, Stream of Conciousness writing-it was my favorite, I was so good at it!

I think I am getting pink eye.

Brad and Rees this morning woke up to 2 new costumes each. Batman and Superman. Bought at wal-mart last night for $2.47 each. Now THATS why I like Halloween. We had a Robin costume already- the dynamic duo is complete!

I spend waste too much time on Facebook every day.

Dont think I have ever eaten something good at Chili’s.

Rees’ new thing is putting both of his hands out and replying to everything I say with, “I dont cares, mom.” Mr. No Worries.

Happy Birthday, Chrissy!

I just started reading the book Created to be Gods friend by Blackaby. so good so far.. Quote from it.. “We have freedom to make choices, but we are not free of the consequences from those choices.”

Rees is officially potty trained.

Talked to Julie today on the IM for a while. They are in Rome. There was traffic on the autoban yesterday and the kids got out and played freezetag-on the autoban. Another thing I can say I have never done. (Said in my best Eeyore voice.)

I love cold weather. Flies are dead and I get to wear tights every single day.

Stonewash Denim has come a long way. Remeber when it first came out? Looked like someone spilt bleach on a perfectly good jean jacket!

Bath and Body works has an essential oil called Campfire (weird, but Ernie liked it) that you burn in your burner.  I bought The Perfect Christmas Winter smell. Maybe thats what has got me thinking on christmas. It smells so good!

Someone is bidding on my eBay item and her ID is happywiccan, I think I shall not make her wait for her package if she wins.

Christmas is 47 days, 6 hours and 12 minutes away-but who is counting?

Favorite Christmas Movie.. Polar Express, I know.. Im the 1% that didnt say “It’s a Wonderful Life” in America. But I saw it for the first time last year, its just not sentimental to me.

Enough. Robin just woke up. 🙂

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8 Responses to A day in the life…

  1. Tina says:

    One sentence comments….

    Pink eye? Seriously?

    I am kicking myself for not going to Wal-Mart to by JoAnnah a Princess outfit “after” Holloween for $2.47.

    Facebook. Heard of it. What is it? What do you do there?

    Which instant messenger do you use? We can IM!!

    Happywiccan? Seriously. (again)

    Christmas is 47 days, 5 hours and 50 minutes away (said in MY BEST Eeyore voice).

  2. Sarah says:

    LOL Pink Eye? Maybe not so seriously, maybe hypocondriac time.. After this many weeks anything is possible though. Facebook is ok so far.. Everyone has their own little page, you can joiin group discussions and stuff. Youre not too late for WalMart, I just went last night and there were TONS of outfits. I use MSN IM Windows Live think it is. And Happy WIccan I know, (Rolling my eyes) it was funny..

  3. Aaron C says:

    Great blog…

  4. bellissimanh says:

    Way to go, Rees! Way to go MOM!! 🙂

    I got a facebook page, but have never really gotten into it. The novelty for me wore off in about three days. LOL. What can I say… I’m just not “cool”. 🙂

    LOL@HappyWiccan. I don’t blame ya… priority mail!

    Love ya!


  5. allisonsjourney says:

    YAY for Rees!! What are you going to do when you don’t have to run to Kroger at night for diapers?? It is such a great feeling, I mean, was a great feeling. You have to check out Target for Halloween stuff – I got stuff for .39 it is all 90% off. I can’t wait for Christmas!! Christmas Village is this weekend and I can’t wait to go on Saturday!! It kicks off the Christmas season for me.

    I hope you don’t have pink eye. There is so much yucky stuff going around right now. I just hope that this cold spell kills it all off.

    I, too, love Polar Express. It’s A Wonderful Life is okay, but this is coming from someone who has never seen My Fair Lady.

    Ditto about Chili’s!! The only thing good on their menu is their chips and salsa. That is it.

    TTYL – Liz

  6. Jannelle says:

    YEAH for clearance shopping and double YEAH for Rees being potty trained!!! Asher just potty trained last week too. He did it all with double ear infections and bronchittis (sp?) It has been a “fun” week!!! LOL
    I am so jealous about the cheep costumes. I wish I would have been well enough to get out. My guys would have loved some of those. We only have a TMNT costume of Jaxon’s. 😦 I’m a slacker mom. lol
    Anyways, when everyone gets feeling better remember we would love to have the boys come over to play. Jaxon asks me about it every single morning. So don’t forget about us. LOL

  7. travis says:

    I’m totally not paying any attention in class right now.
    I’m just sitting here eating pretzels and reading blogs.
    Behavior Psych… Pavlov and his dogs, I just don’t care…

    Anyway, I thought as a rule women hate tights, nylons, pantyhose, and such.

    Did you notice any larger batman costumes? I’ve had a hero complex lately.


  8. Shawn says:

    Little late I know but was reading blog and had to comment. Polar Express was a good movie but the elves freeked me out. Im glad I didn’t watch that when I was 5 or 6.

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