Girl Stuff

Guys: You wont care one thing about this blog..

Girls: I finally found a hairspray that works!!

I have tried everything in the Beauty Supply and nothing will hold my hair. Well walking through the mall yesterday I found this hairspray on the clearance table at Regis. I bought it. Used it for church last night and my hair is STILL curly this morning!! It smells so good and isnt sticky. Doesnt feel like cement! $12.95 full retail and worth every penny.. (I got it for 4.00) They are probably discontinuing it. My luck!

Catwalk by TiGi Enviroshape Spray


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2 Responses to Girl Stuff

  1. travispbatista says:


  2. rachel76 says:

    Although I know it is terrible unhealthy, I am very thankful for hair spray and I am glad you have found one that works for you! I might need to try it out!

    We really enjoyed the Azusa Street drama! We were a part of the worship down front afterwards, too. Isn’t it wonderful about Lavonne receiving the Holy Ghost?!! We have had incredible services last Sunday morning and evening and today too. The drama in Nashville last night just added to our full cup from the Lord. It made me want all of the people who have the Holy Ghost to be ONE! I have had such a thankfulness in my heart this past week for the gift of the Holy Ghost in my life. It has seemed so precious and real to me. I have felt a closer connection with God like His Spirit is right there for me to reach out and feel.

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