Barren River was really beautiful, the weather was great too. My boys love to camp! Sean and Laurie rented an RV and after this camping trip I promise not to make fun of them anymore for not ‘roughing it’-the camper is so nice to have!! I have never cooked while camping, Im more of a grab-a-granola-bar-and lets-go for-a-walk kinda mom, but Breakfast burritos were sure tasty. We finally brought enough blankets to provide a warm nights camping after 5 years of camping I finally learned, it is cold at night! Brad had a lot of fun with Ben, he caught his first fish! Pam&Basil, Crystal, Sean & Laurie, and Doug & April all went, it was a great trip. We have such great friends! We discovered Doug is a pyro. If the fire was smoking, its because Doug threw something on it. lol There was actually a state wide fire ban which makes it not so fun for camping. We could only have fire if we had food on it, so we pretty much had food on or near the fire all day long. We left late last night because Ern had to work today. 😦 I could have stayed there for a week. I posted pics on flickr. -S

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4 Responses to Camping

  1. Janie says:

    I love camping too! Although I’ve only been once… unfortunately. But I really enjoyed it that one time. We went to Barren River, it was so pretty. I’d like to go again.

  2. bellissimanh says:

    I always hated camping. Or so I thought. We went last summer and it was the BEST time. I still look back over the pictures from that trip and cry thinking of what a sweet time it was. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Gina says:

    Awesome:) I miss camping. We used to go like every weekend when I was growing up. We have only gone once since I have had my own children. And we were planning on coming down to TN to go camping this month;) But with the move and all… anyways, I am glad that you all had such a great time. It’s the most fun for kids and I just love being able to sit around a camp fire and talk to good friends. Miss you guys! Are you going to the Warren meeting?

  4. rachel76 says:

    I’ve never “roughed it” in a tent though I think perhaps I’d like to try it someday. We just recently sold our camper but we made many great memories with it. We pulled it all the way to both coasts. Sometimes if we were traveling and not settling down in one location for several days we’d park on Wal-Mart parking lots (they have given permission for folks to do that).

    Some of our most incredible and wonderful camper experiences were:
    staying in San Juan National Forest with nothing but the trees, unknown wildlife potentially anywhere, God, the stars and the moon, and the five of us;

    doing a whole 5 mph with the pedal to the floor ascending Mt. Rushmore; driving up the very steep fenceless two lane road winding around Mesa Verde in Colorado;

    the protection shown to us by God when we rounded a curve in the Colorado mountains and met a log truck on our side of the road and the only place we could head for was the loose gravel on the fenceless side of a mountain – sliding and heading for very certain destruction God somehow caused us to be able to stop. I think that was the closest I ever came to dying, that I know of. It amazes me and makes me to know just how close God even when we’re not aware of Him or aware that we need Him so much.

    I’m glad you prompted these memories with your post. You are such a great blogger, Sarah!

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