Random-for sure.

I am feeling punchy and should not be blogging in this mood.

I dont have anything inspiring to say. We are going camping tonight after church so I have to cook and pack. Today has to be the most beautiful day of the year!! Im making a pumpkin pie!

Bro Curt could make anything work. He made us screens for our windows. I didnt even know you could do that. The only thing I dont like about living here and its something so dumb… Flies. There is a cow pasture somewhere near us. I wrote a poem about them.

Fly, Fly.

I hate you so much.

I wish you would die.

You dont realize how annoying they are until they are everywhere! But who cares because I have screens on my windows now!! The breeze is so nice. Fresh air is good.

I went to check on the boys yesterday and I caught them with their tricycle near the low roof. (the roof is low and you could climb up it on a hill by our front door. weird to explain, i know.) anyways, I asked what are you doing boys? Brad said, “Oh mom, we’re just going on the roof.” They were almost there! 1 boy is half a brain.. 2 boys is no brain at all. I swear I am so in for it. Its all day like this with them. Brad had a ‘magic key’ the other day. It said John Deere on it and was from Bro Curts lawnmower. nice. I made him apologize and promise to stay out of the shed. I should be writing a book. But like Michael Pearl says, if I wanted something that laid around the house all day I should have gotten a cat. Not a boy. lol

Post more later. Im sure you cant wait!

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One Response to Random-for sure.

  1. Tina says:

    I emailed you back….. did you get it? Did Gmail lose me again????

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