Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice!

I dont know that I have ever been so excited to see fall coming. I changed my blog around, for a change. Just feels like change is upon us. A season is over in my life and how appropriate that the natural season are changing too. The news yesterday of Bro. Joe and Baby Allie really uplifted me like I havent felt in a l-o-n-g time. Just pure rejoicing with a wreckless abandon. God is good. All the time. I dont want to hold back with the Lord. He is giving His all, why cant I give mine???

I started to go to the womens prayer meeting Tuesday Mornings. This Tuesday was so good. I came home and told Ernie, if you are having a hard day, you dont need to go to a counseler or therapy! You need to go to the womens prayer/support  group. The Lord honors their faithfulness and really comes in there!! They would be thrilled if more women would have it on their hearts to be a part. You would NOT be dissapointed in how you felt when you left.

Anyways, Sis Teresa lets you share anything on your heart for a time. Someone told of an experience she had in the last service in Chino, Ca. The spirit came in strong and she gave her experience. Someone else had mentioned how we dont really have services like that anymore where everyone is just laid out in the spirit. She said maybe it’s a different season and the Lord wants that spirit dwelling in us all the time (not that he didnt always want it that way but just encouraging us for the time at hand.)  So when we go to speak, we speak the spirit, the few words of life right from the Lord Himself into someone’s hurting soul. Just how its dwelling with us, bearing witness to everyone we come across. That is power!

Looking forward to service tonight so we can all rejoice together-with a reckless abandon. 🙂

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