Here comes the sun!

Thats how I feel after last night’s service. That there is Victory, and it’s here. He is the Sun on our Horizon. Adrian’s Testimony really touched my heart, and Wade’s- all of them! Janelle’s. Pressing through this death to life, instead of the world’s way of passing though this life (having as much fun as you can along the way) to death. I hope they put that on the internet so I can watch it over again. The Lord was really speaking to me last night. So much that I (almost) danced! I opened my eyes to see Jodi dancing. What encouragement!  Something about that song “Inside the Gate.” and the Jr Band debuting really got ahold of the Spirit.

I think for the first time in my walk I feel like I am looking at the other side of a real valley. Not just a stressful time, but a genuine trial. Overcoming obstacles that could have swallowed me whole. Instead, the Lord taught me beautiful, wonderful things along the way. It didnt swallow me up! AND that there is Victory! That is what the 24 elders are made of! They know that though it all, He will bring you through. In Rev 2, His feet were as fine brass as though they had been burned in a furnace. He walks though the fire with us! How encouraging! He not only gives us the power to go, but He is going to go with us. This life is going to come against us, it has come against Ernie & I. We can talk about it, we can anazlyze it, – But mainly we need to press into His spirit.

This weekend we got to fellowship with some saints from DuQuoin, IL. Their children came with them and we really were able to connect with them. All weekend I just kept saying to Ernie, “GOD IS GOOD!” Since I have been coming to church I have met the most solid, loving people. There are so many out there. I am excited to see the Lord weaving us like a beautiful piece of fabric. Truely this is as an exciting time to live in as the Early Church must have been. After last night’s service I am just thrilled to be a part. Let’s continue to Testify to His goodness!!

**Pray for Baby Allison today, she is undergoing an angioplasty as I type.**

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One Response to Here comes the sun!

  1. bellissimanh says:

    So small? I’ll be praying.

    I love the community and fellowship of believers. It sounds like you had an awesome service! I wanna come! LOL

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