Funny things…


Ernie found this program that makes your light sabers look real! So we took this pic last night. The confused superhero bunch. Brad is spiderman-luke skywalker. Rees is Bibleman Darth-Vader and Ernie is Dell-man darth maul. lol I thought this pic was really cute. Now we just have to convince Brad that we dont really have these light sabers.

Funny story yesterday since I am blogging…..

Brad comes home from school and we sort of chill and watch Little Bear and eat pretzels while Rees sleeps. Im laying on the couch with him, he shoots up and says, “Mom, want to see some eggs I got from school?” I say, “Sure!, where are they?” He says, ” They are in my pocket.” He pulls out a handful of little brown pellets. I ask, “Bradley, where did you get those eggs?” He says, “At school, in the forest.” I then break the news. “Brad, that is rabbit poop.” He throws them at me!! They are all over ME! Im laughing so hard at this point I almost fall off the couch. He is gagging, running into the bathroom to wash his hands. He comes out and says, “Thats ok mom, I made Anna pick them up and put them in my pocket.” LOL

More inspirational thoughts from the life of Sarah coming later….. 🙂

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5 Responses to Funny things…

  1. T Rowe says:

    I am cracking up!

  2. bellissimanh says:


    Your superheros are adorable. 🙂

  3. Janie says:

    Poor Anna! But that was funny!!!
    I miss you guys. Between moving and being sick I haven’t seen you very much.

    Love ya!

  4. rachel says:

    Kids! They’re the best entertainment.

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