Character, Thankfulness and the bloody hand.

We had to leave campvention yesterday morning. Rees started saying his stomach hurt then started REALLY yelling it. And threw up. We were almost ready for church, I felt so bad for him! He was lethargic the whole way home. Then he and Brad had stomach aches all day but are better today. It was just a bug.

The meeting was really good and I was pretty bummed to have to leave. Here are the few things that really touched my heart. First of all we got to the campground and everything was going wrong. I told Ernie, “we’ve arrived, let the testing begin!” lol The past few campmeetings we have learned a lot about ourselves there. 🙂 Ernie told me the first day, “When you are under pressure, thats when your character comes out.” This smote me to the core. When Im under pressure I am a total brat. No patience, nothing! I added this to my list of things to work out. Its getting rather long!

Seems it was the Lord using my husband to talk to me because through the whole meeting character was hit on. I really liked what Bro Dyal said. Something like, “If the only thing temporary about us is our permanent decisions, thats not good. Its a character flaw.” For the past few weeks, I have been feeling, “Let your yay’s be yay. and your nay’s be nay.” Dont be wishy washy, stand with conviction, whatever it may be. I always respect people for their conviction, even if I dont agree with it 100% if they stand on it strongly. Anyways, onto the meeting.

Bro Boyd- Conviction sets in like a magnet!

Bro Brown- Externals vs Internals. Told a story about when he was little on a farm and was always dirty. His mom got him cleaned up to go somewhere and he didnt want to be cleaned up. He went out in the dirt again. She made him come in and get clean again. He did it again. Did this 3 times then finally he was mad. He went out and rolled around in the dirt and smeared it all over his face. He said, that dirt on Billy Brown’s face that day was on the inside! It wasnt external. My bad attitude had made an appearance on the outside of my body. I thought that was really good. He gave 2sam 16:6+7, Luke 12:25, Mt 15, Mt 23:23-26 as scriptures through his talk. Very good! He also said this quote not exact im sure, “Be sure your character can keep you where your gift can bring you.”

Bro Dyal- “We are not on an intellectual pursuit.” -very good! Motives. Why do I do what I do?

Bro D.L Jones- (My personal favorite from the whole meeting that I was able to be in.) Relationship. Get the DVD I couldnt even do it justice.

Bro. Ross- Thankfulness. Dew fell first in the wilderness then the manna fell on top of it. Holy Spirit calms like dew-prepares our hearts for the word.

Bro. Fitsimmons- Church can be behind in praises.

Bro. Glenn Walker- Truth makes you free. Story about a boy that had a hound dog but wanted a doberman pincher so bad. He came home and tried to make the hound dog a doberman by taping up the floppy ears and then that tail. He didnt have the heart to cut it all off at once- so he cut off a little every day until it was off. We can cause ourselves more pain in the end if we dont just chop it off.

Bro. Sharber- Homeschool story. About conviction. Worth getting the dvd of convention for this talk. We are more concerned about position than our condition. Character was hit on again in this talk. Oh I loved this… He said talking about a blacksmith, puts what he is working on in the fire. Takes it out, lets it cool, polishes it. If he cant then see his relflection in it, he puts it back in the fire. This touched my heart. This explains the periods, the seasons in our lives. He is cooling us, puts us back in!

Bro Hummel- Fresh oil. Acts 3:19 Times of refreshing.

Bro. Issac- Texas Im trying not to love this talk so much just because he quoted Smith Wigglesworth in the opening lines. lol kidding. S.H.S= Simplicity, Humility, Spirituality. Melchezidech (spell?) Priesthood. Ps. 22:12 Bulls of Bashan. These were strong bulls. In Bashan, they yoked 3 weak bulls with 3 strong bulls until the weak were as strong as the strongest. That they could keep up, they learned to keep up. (got a lot out of this.) Weak ones had no choice but to get stronger.

I posted pics on my fickr account. We stayed with the Jernigans from South Dakota (I dont know if thats how they spell their names but they are the ones with beef jerky! They were very sweet people, I felt sorry for them to have to share the cabin with my wild boys.) I make fun of where we stay lightly but I really do love staying on the grounds there. The only thing that was wierd was the bloody hand Rees found under our bed. It was just weird. We were reading the Scottish Covenanters on the way up there and how they were killed, etc. After the Jernigans left we were alone in the cabin. There was someone in the shower when we got home at midnight! We went into our room, came back out and they were gone. I was a little freaked. I made Ernie look under the beds and lock the door! Good times.

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7 Responses to Character, Thankfulness and the bloody hand.

  1. aaron c says:

    The bloody hand under the bed…sounds like a horror movie in the making. “The Bloody Hand on Shepherdsville Hill” I think after that story, the market just tanked for cabins on the campground. lol

  2. T Rowe says:

    Bloody hand? Did I miss something? I read the paragraph twice… I do hope this was a toy?? LOL

    I watched the meeting via the Internet but I did miss bits and pieces because I had to work. I did not hear DL Jones. I did however hear Bro George Blevins which you did not mention. I thought he did excellent. You may not have been up there yet when he spoke.

    Anyway… thanks for sharing the high points. You’ll have to fill me in on the bloody hand.

  3. Gina says:

    Um, found a bloody hand under the bed in the cabins? hmmm…

    Good highlights:) I will have to ck out the dvds when we get them here in the church library. We just now got the June ones to watch over;) Sorry you had to leave early. But I am glad you had a good time overall.

  4. Sarah says:

    Thanks for comments, guys. Yes Tina, we missed Bro Blevins. I think we were driving up when he was speaking on Thursday. My highlights are only what I got to be in. Everyone said he just melted their hearts. And my bloody hand is in my flickr account pics. Rees found it under the bed.

  5. allisonsjourney says:

    The bloody hand…I would have left screaming!!

    Thanks for filling us in on the meeting. I couldn’t figure out how to watch it from home and we found out Wednesday night that we couldn’t go. It was such a disappointment to me, but thanks for filling me in.

    Sorry Rees didn’t feel well. Maybe it was dreams of the bloody hand!!

  6. T Rowe says:

    Okay, just checked out your Flickr pics. Umm. The bloody hand looks nasty! What in the world?
    I love the expression on his face?! He looks plum confused. LOL.

  7. bellissimanh says:

    LOL@the bloody hand… too much!

    “Thankfulness. Dew fell first in the wilderness then the manna fell on top of it. Holy Spirit calms like dew-prepares our hearts for the word.”

    I love this picture! Isn’t it awesome how all through Scripture the Lord gives us physical pictures of what He’s doing spiritually? It’s like a snapshot that helps us more fully grasp the truths He has for us. Thanks for sharing!

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