Fair Sunshine

That’s the name of the book I just picked up. Its about the Scottish Covenanters. If it wasn’t for my husband I would have never heard of such a people. Reading about it this morning, the King wanted to reign as head of the church and the people of Scotland felt that position was reserved for Jesus only. They signed a declaration stating such. They became the ‘Covenanters’ of Scotland. Its quite interesting but unfortunately reads like Foxes book of Martyrs. There was an especially dark period of time called ‘the killing times’ Which I dont like to read but really feel like its important to pick up every now and then to remember how fortunate we are to be able to worship in freedom. This prayer pricked my heart this morning.

On the eve of this young womans death, she wrote this prayer in prison.

Wrote Marion, “Now farewell, my lovely and sweet scriptures, which were aye my comfort in the midst of all my difficulties! Farewell, faith! Farewell, hope! Farewell, wanderers, who have been comfortable to my soul, in the hearing of them commend Christ’s love! Farewell, bretheren! Farewell, sisters! Farewell, christian aquaintences! Farewell, sun, moon, and stars! And, now, welcome, my lovely, heartsome Christ Jesus, into whose hands I commit my spirit thoughout eternity. I may say, few and evil have the days of the years of my life been, I being about twenty years of age.”

Farewell faith and Farewell hope really got me. Someday we will not need these things anymore. They will be fufilled. I am so spoiled. Imagine what these people would have done with my life. I can read anytime. But oftentimes choose not to. What freedoms we have. Oh, Lord. Help us to use these freedoms correctly today and every day.

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3 Responses to Fair Sunshine

  1. Gina says:

    wow… my mind was no where near God when I was 20. Can’t even imagine how horrible it would have been back then; but like you said, it puts a thankfulness in our hearts when we think about the freedom we have today. We were reading in our family devotional book about Popov (sp?)being in prison for 13 years just for preaching the gospel. It makes us really re-order our perspective in this day and age… Have fun at campmeeting!

  2. jmdurr says:

    A book to read about someone who has suffered for the Lord in the present day is “The Heavenly Man” by Chinese Christian ‘Brother Yun’ with Paul Hattaway. It was amazing to read what this man has gone through, and still is going through today. Persecution is NOT a thing of the past by any means. We are so blessed to be in a place where we are free to worship the Lord according to our conscience without fear of real persecution for the time being anyway. Let us not become complacent though. Apathy is our greatest enemy in the American church today.

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