Tuesday, we’re Tuesday people..

I always liked that line from Tuesdays with Morrie… Anyways…

Its hot! And I officially do not like summer anymore. And the cicaidas are out. We found a few, they are huge disgusting bugs that make a lot of noise. I guess they come out every 11 years and this is the lucky year. You can see a pic of one here. We started a bug collection for Bradley and Rees. Its so cute and I am so into it, surprisingly. For my boys I go on a bug hunt and pick up bugs with my bare hands without flinching. We went to Hobby Lobby and got a shadow box. Ernie cut styrofoam out and we find bugs, and stick the pin through them (for the most part they are dead.)

I picked up Brad from school and I think he is starting to like it. We were a little worried, at the mere mention of school tomorrow Brad would cry and get all stressed. Anna had a cold last week and missed a day. I think it freaked him out. He loves his Anna! Jackson Bryan told his mom that “Brad and Anna just kiss all day long.” lol We asked Anna about this and she said, “no! only one time!” lol I wish I could betrothe them, they are so cute.

We took Brad and Rees to the water spouts in Nashville on Saturday. It was hot and they had to much fun! On a cooler day you can make a whole day of it. Farmers Market, waterspouts and the park there too. All for free. We love free. I will put the pics on flickr in a sec. they turned out so cute!!!!

This weekends services were really incredible. Bro Steve was fanning the fire in my soul. I kept thinking when I left service, ‘if everything he said is true, we can do this!’ the Lord has a process. He has a plan to unfold. IF we want to be a part of His plan, there is no way we can fail. I remember Vovo quoting someone saying, “The only way you can lose is if you quit God.” Its so true! He has a plan for us EVEN IF WE FAIL! We mess up, we have repentance! We have mercy! If our heart is toward Him, He will never turn us away! The only way we fail in this master plan, is if we quit. God help me to always have a flicker of a flame. Sometimes my flame gets dull. It has been lately. But we have a high priest that walks among us, trimming those wicks, pouring in the oil. Fanning our flames so they get brighter and healthier! Im getting fired up just thinking about it.

Psa 51:17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.

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4 Responses to Tuesday, we’re Tuesday people..

  1. T Rowe says:

    I loved what you said, “the only way we fail in this master plan, is if we quit”. I told someone that very same thing over the weekend. It is so easy to give up and think we cannot make it, but WE CAN! We can’t quit…

    I hope they put Bro. Farmer’s message on the website so that we can all hear it!

  2. Sarah says:

    Re-reading this, I didnt mean, if we mess up, we have repentance! In an-out sort of way. I just meant he had a plan in case the back-up plan failed! He really loves us and doesnt want us to fail is my main point. Theres more to it than just not quitting and being in him like la-la-la im in Him and have to do nothing. Its hard work, just staying sometimes! I remember another quote I read. Not exact but “I come in with all mine and God comes in with all His!” Imagine that!

  3. Gina says:

    Funny… those cicadas must be everywhere. I can’t stand them; they’re so gross. I am so not a bug person. Though finding their shells are pretty neat.

    Anyways, glad services have been good. I have been hearing good things about Bro Farmer’s messages… and saw the one with the tabernacle. He’s pretty creative… Have a great time at campvention. We won’t be able to make it, but I am sure you’ll have an awesome time.

  4. bellissimanh says:

    I’ve never seen a cicada — at least I don’t think so. Probably a good thing. Not a bug person here, either. LOL

    The comments here brought to mine one of my favorites songs… by Watermark:

    I lay me down at Your feet my Jesus
    Find me here with a heart that’s pure
    I am raised up in the love You pour on me
    The moment I believe…

    I lay me down at Your feet my Jesus
    Find me here with a life like Yours
    I am raised up in pow’r that sets me free
    The moment I believe
    The moment I believe

    You come as You are
    And I come as I am
    And grace covers shame
    You come in Your pow’r
    And I bow down
    And grace covers shame
    You come like a flood and I’m lost in this “Hallelujah!”
    You come as You are and I come as I am
    And grace covers all of me… All of me…

    I lay me down at Your feet my Master
    Find me here with the grace to know
    That I am raised up in the perfect love of God
    The moment I believe
    The moment I believe


    I am laid broken
    Lord I am open
    Breathe in me
    And this by design
    Is Your life divine
    Living in me…
    You come as You are…
    I come as I am
    You come in Your power
    And I bow down


    Grace covers shame. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Not that grace is a license to sin (I knew that wasn’t what you meant), but that because of His grace, we are able to come just as we are… imperfect, in need of forgiveness, broken… and He fills us with His Spirit and heals our souls, bring to us a righteousness that we could never know apart from Him. Talk about powerful stuff!

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