VBS Debacle

This makes me really laugh! Brad giggling is so funny to me! VBS Smackdown. lol

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10 Responses to VBS Debacle

  1. T Rowe says:

    Two things….

    First, I do beieve you are a word STEALER. “Debacle” is mine. LOL.

    Second, this is great! And certainly qualifies as “Debacle” material.

    I’m cracking up. “Debacle”… most definitely the word of the year. I say… we contest to see just how many “debacles” we can post this year. You in? LOL.

  2. Sarah says:

    Im in. lol

  3. Sarah says:

    To clarify, I use Debacle as a funny mess up/mix up. The definition has failure in it. We are using it on a lighter note..

  4. Jannelle says:

    Oh my goodness!! Is that my son causing all that??? I could just bury my head in the sand. I guess I missed that during the performance. I am so sorry for his actions. Although they were funny to some, it was way out of line. I am so embarrassed.
    Oh the fury of my 4 year old. Gosh he is a mess with a mind of his own.LOL

    Brad’s giggle is too funny though. It made me laugh!! LOL

  5. Sarah says:

    jannelle- i think its hilarious. whats that saying.. one boy is half a brain, 2 boys is no brain at all.. lol we are so in for it! its quite possibly the funniest kids singing program i have ever seen. i have pics to send you. i got some good ones of jaxon and brad.. -s

  6. allisonsjourney says:

    That is so funny. We sat on that side of the church in the 3rd row, so we had almost front row seats. I just love boys!! They make life so much better.

  7. T Rowe says:

    Part of the definition of “debacle” is a complete collapse. I’m not sure… but I’m pretty sure several boys “went down” in this performance. LOL. Of course it is all in fun… I have read some of Janelle’s blog and I complete can relate to her “twin” stories. My oldest boy and girl are twins also… they will be 13 in October. I remember all to well…. people think “twins” and all you here are “oooh’s and aww’s”… but I have news for them. Underneath all those oohs and awws are HORNS. LOL.

  8. T Rowe says:

    I complete misspelled half the words in that last comment. Good grief. Don’t show this to Rachel. Can you delete this and let me type it over? 😆

  9. T Rowe says:

    I did it again. I GIVE UP.

  10. Janelle says:

    Yes, the horns! “Demonic” is my most often used word to describe my twins. And I now know the wisdom behind the phrase “terrible twos” and that’s not just because there are two of them. They have gone insane since their birthday. I better stop or I’ll have to apologize to Motherhood at large for making raising kids sound so rough.

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