Proverbs 30

Today, being the 30th I read Proverbs 30. It has a very pecuilar format. Halfway through it talks about four things.. I looked up a few things about proverbs 30’s four things.

30:24-28 Four things which are little but wise.

Ant-Prepare. In the summer season when their stores can be gotten. Get them. And store for the winter.

Conies (or Rock Badgers says Gill)- They build their nests in the rock. We can take refuge in the Rock despite our weakness.

Locust- They are devouring creatures but all gather together as one. There is a certain harmony in the way they all move as one. Their sense of community we can learn from. Like an “army.”

Spider- Reading up on this verse, some think it means Lizard. If its spider, because they spin webs and in Kings houses the webs are constantly being torn down and the spider dilligently spins more. Dilligence and precision. If its a lizard. I dont get it.

So, prepare in the refuge of the Rock with all dilligence and precision without leaving your community. (that would be the SFT again..)

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One Response to Proverbs 30

  1. Ernie says:

    Pro 30:27 the locusts have no king, yet all of them march in rank;

    I like the Locust analogy. We need to learn from them and all march together —

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