We’re back!

We went camping this weekend and got home this evening. I have uploaded all my pics into my flickr account, they are so cute! We decided last minute to go to Little Mikal’s graduation in Memphis. He is Ernies Best Man at our wedding, Mikal’s nephew. Mikal’s sister, Patty lives in Memphis and we stayed with her Friday night. The graduation was wonderful! It was at a church. Mikal did off campus study which is like a homeschool. The valedictorian (lol i cant even spell that) had a great speech-she talked mostly about Rob Bell’s Dust video and it was real inspiring.

So we left there Saturday afternoon and went to Mousetail Landing. It’s on the Tennessee River and its beautiful! We camped right on an inlet where you could fish at our site. It was the most perfect camping weather ever. I underestimated the cool evenings we have been having and didnt bring enough blankets. We froze and didnt sleep well at all the first night. We were up all night off and on-sort of being still both awake but not talking. Listening to the sounds of the night, which are really scary when you are out there with a piece of tarp between you and the world. I have to blog this.. At one point we heard this weird noise. Ernie out of nowhere and dead-serious was like, “Was that a racoon banging two rocks together?” I laughed so hard, I couldnt stop. Seriously all night even as he was dozing off I was giggling to myself so hard. He kills me.

We went into the town.. Really small, they had like a buy-rite (i felt like I was in Roseanne.) and a few factories. (maybe THIS is where they make disposable silverware!) But the grocery store had yummy fried chicken. The trip just got better! I love cold fried chicken, we always had that when we went on the river as a kid. Anyways, we found a Freds dollar store and bought a gross feeling but really warm blanket. The 2nd night was much cozier.

The next morning we moved our site, it being Sunday, everyone else had to go back to work so we had the pick of any we wanted. #1 was the best! (get that one if you go.) We re-set up camp across the road. There were fishing tournaments going on, the weather was amazing! We found this little stream the kids played in. I love camping for boys. We found fish, crickets, frogs, worms, minnows, everything. Then we went to play at the beach.

I should have gotten pics, but this paragraph is dedicated to the campground bathrooms. They were great. So clean. The cleanest park I have ever been to. The showers were HOT and you didnt have to pay. Every time you went in to use the restrooms, the toilets had been cleaned. And they took the trash out at our campsite all the time. I was impressed. And it takes a LOT for a bathroom to impress me. I would have used the shower with no flip flops on. — almost. lol

So if you are looking for a campsite to go to, pick this one. Its my favorite. I wish they had bike rentals and trails, thats the only thing Fall Creek Falls has on them. We had a lot of fun. It was the best trip yet!

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2 Responses to We’re back!

  1. Gina says:

    glad you had a great time! i can’t wait to camping this year… esp. if we can find bathrooms like you talk about!! hehe… missed you guys at the mtg, but maybe next month we’ll catch up w/ each other:)

  2. Sarah says:

    Gina, Waiting for a meeting blog! what happened? How was it? Let us know. We are going to the whole campmeeting so we can catch up then too. Sorry we couldnt make it-

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