I enjoyed Travis’ random blog very much and thought of doing one of my own.

I just killed a spider- on my pillow. Instantly I think of the fact I once read that the average person swallows 3 spiders a year. I cant think about this or I wont go to sleep tonight. So I will be working on my dont-swallow-a-spider contraption. I just have to think of a way you can breathe when your mouth and nose is duct taped.

**My mom just called and I told her what I found. She tells me this uplifting story of a man who had a spider living in his ear. It was on the news.** o m g thanks, mom.

Hendersonville Wal-Mart is now carrying Lemon Yoplait Yogurt. I only get this when I go to the West Coast. I buy all they have every time I go now, so they dont stop carrying it. lol They also have coconut bars, (frozen) the kind we used to get at trader joes.

We ran out of hair gel this week so Ernie shaved his head. lol thats why I married this man. He has a solution for everything.

The Monte Cristo sandwich at Cheddars is WAY too good. It really shouldnt be that good. I dont know who invented such a sinful smorsel but I almost wish they hadnt!

I used to really love summer. Much to my dismay, walking thru the mall I saw that tube tops are now back in style. Please, a plea to the public, do not wear tube tops.

Adult Crocs. They give me the creeps no matter how comfy they are.


Brad talking to an ant outside, after watching Bugs Life the night before..

Brad: Hi, Im Brad, whats your name?

Bug: <silence>

Brad: I said, whats your name? Im Bradley!

Bug: <More silence>

Brad: Fine, then, I’ll kill you! (Drowns him in his pool.)


<Driving in the car>

Brad: <says something unintelligible>

Mom: What Brad?

Brad: <Repeats that something unintelligible>

Mom: Brad, I dont understand you, what are you saying?

Brad: <Sighs, hands on forehead..> Nothing mom, Just drive.


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2 Responses to Randomness

  1. Aaron C says:

    great blog. No hair gel, so Ernie just shaved his head. haha

  2. Travis says:

    If you don’t know you swallowed it, then what is it hurting? Great blog though.

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