Going through it?


Regard it all as joy, my brothers, when you face various kinds of temptations (James 1:2-3).

Sometimes when people ask how we’re doing, we give them a “going through” answer. “Well, I’m going through a lot.” or “I’m going through tough times.” It doesn’t sound encouraging, but with the Lord it is.

In the Hebrew Scriptures, derekh is an important word. Derekh means “the way, the road, the path, the journey.” God’s people are always on a derekh, a journey in life. Messiah said, “I am the Derekh (Way).” That is why the first Messianic Jews and Gentiles were called the people of the Derekh—people of the Way (Acts 24:14).

What’s so encouraging about going through things? The blessing is that you’re going “through” them! At Isaiah 62:10, God commands, “Go on through! Go on through!” If you’re going “through” things, you’re obeying God! It’s a holy thing! People on the derekh of God don’t dwell on their problems, they go “through” them.

So when you say, “I’m going through a lot,” be encouraged! Messiah gives you the power to “go through” and “get through” anything. You might say, “You don’t know what I’m going through.” You’re right. I just need to know you’re “going through,” and with eyes of faith you will see that the end of the trial is near! You’re on the derekh. So go on through! And he’ll see that you get through just fine.

…keep going, persevere, press on, and make it through. He will give me the victory.

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3 Responses to Going through it?

  1. Janelle says:

    I love this image that the Lord gives us. That of being on a pathway and a journey. I always imagine being on a path away from my prison of sin towards the glory of the Lord. And what companions we have! To have Jesus as your traveling mate! And to have one another to go with as well. I’ve realized in the past that there are roads I just can’t travel with other people, and it has broken my heart. I miss friends that I once walked with, but I Praise God for the ones He’s given me to walk this road. There’s no doubt I would have been left broken by the wayside without you guys! Thanks for posting this Sarah.

  2. Gina says:

    good devotional! I love it when they go into word studies… not only is Jesus our companion on this journey; but we can stay encouraged because He was the one who paved the path for us to get to heaven! praise the Lord… thanks for the post!

  3. Tina says:

    I too enjoy reading your posts. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Last year when reading my Bible through a scripture stood out to me and I underlined it and even made a note in my notebook to bring it back to memory later. It is found in Acts 14:22. It isn’t so much the story, just a catch phrase within the verse that jumped out at me…

    “…exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must THROUGH MUCH TRIBULATION enter into the kingdom of God.”

    James 1:2-4, Count it all joy…knowing that the trying of your faith worketh patience… that ye may be PERFECT and ENTIRE; wanting nothing.

    Jesus will supply our needs! And THROUGH IT ALL we learn to trust Him.

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