Daily Guideposts

So I picked up this book at a book sale a few months ago. They had all the guideposts in hardback for like 10 cents each. I bought them all for some reason. This one is from 1979. I picked it up yesterday and its like a devotion (duh probably but i didnt know that was the format really..) This was the one I started with yesterday, I got a lot from it and wanted to share it..  

Psa 138:8 The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O LORD, endureth forever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.

Yesterday morning my ironing was interrupted by a telephone call, and, when I returned to the task, my mind was still on the phone conversation. I ran the iron over half the shirt before I realized that the wrinkles were not smoothing out, in spite of my efforts. Of course, I discovered then, that I had forgotten to plug the iron back in..How often we try to smooth out the wrinkles in our lives with an iron that isnt plugged into the power source. We struggle and push against our problems, hoping to iron them out with our own efforts, but the stubborn creases remain. Yet ALL the while, we have access to the power that can smooth out the troubled places in our lives if only we keep that connection in tact.

If there is a problem worrying you today, take a few minutes to sit quietly with closed eyes and plug into the presence of God. Dont fill the silence with pleas for help. Just sit in the stillness until you feel the current of Gods power coursing through you. Then return to your routine. The problem will still be there, but now the power to cope with it will be moving throug you, smoothing the way for a solution.

Charged with your power, Lord, I know I can cope with my problem..

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