Weekend Update

We had a great time this past weekend.  

We left on Friday and drove to Atlanta, we made really good time, couldnt believe it, it only took us 3 1/2 hours. I drove REALLY fast because Ernie told me we could only check into the hotel IF we had time. I really wanted to see the hotel. Julie the Priceline-Queen got us a 4 star in Atlanta for 79.00 a night. Even that great price was really a lot to me, but it was for our anniversary so we splurged a little. The room we got went for over 300.00 a night normally. 

So we find the hotel, its an Intercontinental Resort at Buckhead, thats where we stayed. We pull up and already I know Ernie is going to have issues. There are like 40 porters in white gloves waiting to help you out of the car. (lol!) and Shawn Harrisons ‘tipping’ blog immediately comes to mind. I personally dont like to tip. I dont like people kissing up to me for cash. The porter or whatever you call him, we got was nice though-then we were tossed off to another guy who helped us check in. (ugh!) We check in and theres 3 men and a woman there, all fussing over Rees, saying how cute he is, if he can have candy. They all have this accent that I dont understand. It was like I was staying in Europe somewhere. Its so funny to me, how people treat you if they think you have money, it makes me nervous. It was weird, that everyone I talked to, their faces didnt move when they smiled and talked with me, I walked around the hotel with a puzzled look most of the time.  

The room is beautiful.The bed is the kind where you put your handprint on the bed and it stays when you move your hand. Its all feathers, the whole thing.  

I felt like such a Beverly Hillbilly.  

We have 1/2 hour to get ready for Upton. So We leave the parking lot, it costs 15.00 to park there. (ouch!) I could tell the hotel was kind of bothering Ernie. It was me too, he joked about repenting to stay there.-Its more like a feeling you get when you stay somewhere like that-I guess some would call it ‘pampered’ but I dont know.  

We got to the show and it was really good. I like seeing Upton play at smaller churches, more intimate gatherings, but this was the One Thing Convention at the big IHOP Center. He sang some great songs, you are free.. sons and daughters of the living God. We left a little early to go get something to eat. We got off the freeway to go to Maggianos and there was a brand new chuck-e-cheeses across the street. Ernie and me looked at each other and smiled. The pizza was great!  We went back to the hotel- when we got inside, there was loud music, bar, it was like a night club by night. I guess everyone comes down at night for drinks and dancing or something. As we went up to our room, i told Ernie, dont be sneaking down here to do the mirangue line with these people. roflol it was really funny. But kinda sad, most of the people stay here on business and seems like not that great of an environment.. anwyays.. 

We were heading to Lake Guntersville, but I called ahead and there is no swimming pool, etc. So we decided to stop at the welcome to Alabama center and check out other spots. We decided on a closer one, Cheeha State Park, it was in the Talladega National Forest. We got in and got our campsite. Then took the boys swimming. The Park is the highest point in
Alabama, and the pool overlooked the park. It was pretty. It was empty too, next weekend is the holiday i bet everyone will be there then. So, we were all getting pretty burnt out and as we were cleaning up, Rees got stung by a wasp on the ear. That wore me out. We went back to the site and made a fire. We were tired! and Cranky! lol Rees is a total thrasher and kept eating dirt, falling, he is a dare-devil. 

The last time I checked him he ate a handful of dirt and then smeared it all over his head. I said, “im SO done with you.” LOL poor rees. Bedtime for the boys! Then we talked for a bit by the fire. It was a wee bit hot. I prayed for a breeze and i woke to the coolest breeze ever!! 

We woke early and Brad wanted to go on a Nature Hunt with dad. They left and saw a deer! It was so cute he came back telling me all about it. I will never forget that. We got on the road on search for a Starbucks.  Dont expect to find one,
Alabama doesnt believe in good coffee lol. We eventually found one in Huntsville, 2 hours later! We decided to go to
Guntersville anyways and take Brad fishing. There was a Hispanic Church baptising in the river. Brad went fishing, then swimming in the lake. We left and came back home. Taking the scenic route. 

It was a really fun weekend. Im glad we went like we did. God is so good- all the time. He even on vacation is teaching us, and helping us, being with us. Helping us to grow. I really am thankful for my little family, i love being with them.  

I have pics to post, but my digital camera isnt working.. I had to use my 35mm and take the pics in to get them developed, but I got them on disk too, so I will post them tomorrow. It was SO nice to use my Rebel 2000, i love that camera!  

Campmeeting just started, ttyl- Im going to listen.. Someone just sang a GREAT song about building a wall. I really felt the spirit in that!

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