Exciting Blog title, eh? lol well, thats been my week.  

Hello.. Hope everyone is well. I havent been able to get to a lot of everyones websites because of the glitches on Live. And havent been blogging much myself..  

We went to Sikeston, Missouri over the weekend. It was a really fun trip. Service was really good. Their band will really surprise you- they must practice a lot. With smaller assemblies, you dont always hear the powerful band sound but we did last weekend. Bradley really was in heaven. They have a black tuba. He couldnt stop staring at Jeremiah (who plays the tuba) I kind of felt bad for him. I kept asking Brad to not stare. We went to the Throwed Rolls place-I had that Thanksgiving Dinner feeling all night. Food that stays with you for a while. It was good to see DeAnn, Shane, and Grahm too!  I always love the fellowship following a service. Whenever we visit, everyone is so kind and loving to us. Bro Mouser was just sitting along side of us eating Pizza, it was really nice to be able to just hang out with he and Sis Mouser. Ernie and I got to talk a lot on the way there (with sleeping kids) and the way home (with sleeping kids!) so that worked out nice.. We dont mind traveling like that. 

I am looking into selling Body Shop. My mom went to a pamper party last night and while she was telling me about it. I was like, what? the body shop? Does anyone else remember this store from California? I have used all their stuff since I was in High School. They discontinued my favorite perfume so I stopped going quite as often. But they have one in Hickory Hollow mall, I have since found out. Anyways i guess the independant consultant thing is brand new.. And hopefully by next month I will be selling it. Its all organic, no animal testing and I have always loved them because they donate a lot of their proceeds to women and children organizations.

Anyways. I have been getting a lot of thoughts about Obedience. Which, by one definition is:  the willingness to follow the will of others. More on that later.. I need to finish How to have a Mary heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver. Its not just a chick book, I read a lot to Ernie in the car and he really enjoyed some of her thoughts. She goes into life not just Martha and Mary. but surprisingly that story is intermingled with a LOT of issues we deal with on a daily basis. Its great and Im really enjoying it.  

See you all later, I probably wont be going to church tonight. Rees is clingy and whiny-I forsee a night spent in the foyer if I do go.. Ernie is on nights again, we wont see him until after church more than likely.. Which is a bummer.. blog more later..   

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