13 Things that made me laugh this week.. 

13. Jodi’s toenail blog. Actually that would be 13 things that made me want to barf, then laugh. I will never complain about flat soda again. Then I dont have to wonder whats making it fizz.. 

12. Driving home from church on Sunday, Brad explaining something about Brother Cindy and sunday school.  

11. Rees. He is really funny. In the middle of the night he will wake you to blowing rasberries on your hands/arms/neck/cheeks. This makes me laugh outloud! 

10. If Brad has to go to the bathroom, he uses anything resembling a potty. Even if its in Mary’s room and goes with an easy bake oven.  

9. Rees dancing. You have to experience it to understand it.  

8. The word ‘fanny pack.’ 

7. Brad re-enacting stories. Like his most recent spanking or tattling on someone. 

6. After a few days of things just not going right, and not feeling 100%, you are bound to have a night where youre like, ok, universe. You are out to get me, give me your best shot! After a while you just start to laugh. The more that went wrong, the harder I laughed. Laughing is good. I like to laugh.  

5. The thought of going to my 10 year high school reunion.  

4. My budget. (Dave Ramsey Homework..) I am making a Starbucks Envelope.  

3. Ernie, Clay and Andrews quest to ‘get’ each other.. Theres been pillow fights, toothpaste on bedroom door handles, booby traps, scaring each other, large wet toilet paper balls being flung on doors-my personal favorite, using perfume or room spray in close proximity to each others noses/faces. (that was all in the last week!) Its a hoot. 

2. A quote from Michael Pearl..-‘To Train up a Child..’ “You gave birth to a boy; you will have to deal with him as such. If you wanted something that purred and laid around the house, you should have gotten a cat, not a boy.” 

1. Brad singing Hallelujah Hokey Pokey. Just before we go to sleep and are usually reading, Brad thinks this is time to Entertain us. Using the bed as his stage. I love this time with him, listening to him sing. You can only understand foot, head, shake it all around and hallelujah.  

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