Head in the Clouds..


While I was driving today, the sky looked so beautiful-abnormally beautiful. I just kept staring and staring at the clouds. They were so clear, the bursts of white against the blue were like sirens calling me in. The clouds seemed to go on for as far as the eye could see. Since I was driving, my eyes occasionally had to meet the road. Unfortunately. I would look down real quick, and correct my steering, make sure no one was in my lane.. Then aaaah, back up in the clouds. While looking up, I would see an overpass in my view. It was annoying. All I wanted to do was stare.  

I thought about how I would feel when I was in the office working.. I would often think about home. How I just wanted to be at home. How I didnt care one thing about the phones I was answering, any of the work I was doing… I just wanted to be at home. Many times I thought about this while it was still before lunch even! And I had at least 6 hours to go. 

Thats how I felt today driving. I just wanted to go home. Leave it all and just go. But Its not 5:00 yet. I still have work to do. I still have daily things to take care of. While doing these things down here, there are things being worked out in my heart. The Lord doesnt show me all at once, for this, Im thankful. Its a slow process. Every now and then a lot will come out at once. Which is what happened to me this past week. But then He gives me time to work it out. Ernie told me something this week that has helped. TO recognize the trial so you can overcome it. Be in the spirit enough to see what you are going thru, so you dont have to keep going thru it. You can go thru it once the right way and be done with it. That overcoming lifestyle is what I want. I may fail, but tomorrow is new with a new chance and new mercy.  

Awesome.  See you tomorrow.

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