100 Things

This is a page, not a blog because I want to be able to access it every day if I want to. There is enough to make us mad, confused, upset and frustrated in life.

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” – Philippians 4:8


These are my things that are those things….

100. Snowfall. It is so pure and so rare to see.

99. 2nd Chances.

98. The day after the Daniel Fast is over. 🙂

97. That the past is not prophecy of the future!

96. Going on a road trip. Car packed, clean and stacked with snacks.

95. Fall. As in Autumn, not in falling. I do not like to fall down. But if I do, lets move on to #94.

94. Getting back up after I fall down.

93. Memories of my wedding day. The ocean crashing beneath us.

92. The feeling in my stomach when I think of Ernie and my first date.

91. The feeling in my stomach when I hear Ernie’s car coming up the drive after a long days work away from us. After almost 13 years together!

90. A clean floor.

89. A clean sink.

88. A clean anything.

87. A friend calling just to say hello- not needing a side dish. 🙂

86. Putting a VHS in the player and it is rewound!

85. Hearing Brad tell Rees, “Goodnight, Reesie. Sweet Dreams.”

84. Hearing Ernie and the boys laughing.

83. Playing ‘Taboo’ with good friends.

82. Praying with friends.

81. The smell of clean clothes, the feel of fresh sheets.

80. The peace in my heart that only forgiveness can give.

79. My Birkenstocks.

78. Hearing Rees sing, “David is too little, David is to small.” While swinging his sling.

77. Hearing just about anyone laugh heartily, the kind of laugh where there is first silence for a while then lots of laughter. aaah, to really laugh with someone. Bonds you almost as much as the spirit!

76. The smell of both of my sons after they were born. It was stronger than the sense of sight.

75. The feeling I get when I hear Ben Harper’s ‘Forever.’ My love for Ernie.

74. The feeling I get when I hear ‘Blessed Assurance.’ My love for my Lord.

73. A cup of coffee.

72. A good movie.

71. Feeling healthy mentally.

70. Not listening to what others think of someone- finding out for myself. (see #99)

69. The ability to not have to sink into my problems, but to sink into the comforting arms of my savior.

68. Finally learning that no matter what comes, Im built on the Rock.

67. Also learning that my happiness doesn’t depend on what my bank account shows.

66. My children- they are happy wherever, however, whenever Ernie and I are. No matter what is going on. I want to be like them when I grow up.

65. Rain. I love the rain. That warm southern rain. (summer rain)

64. An organized purse.

63. Ernie calling me just to say hello.When I know he is so busy.

62. I love that a mustard seed is so small. Some days I feel like thas how big my faith is. Instead of crying about it, I rejoice. Thats about how big it needs to be, to move a mountain.

61. Eating a dinner I didnt have to cook. Leaving a table I dont have to clean.

60. Sleeping in.

59. Playing slides (chutes) and ladders with Brad.

58. Asking Brad, “What did Rees say?” He is my interpereter sometimes. I love that he can understand his little brother. I hope he always does.

57. Christmas.

56. A quiet house and a good book.

55. Going out to dinner with Ernie, (it happens maybe 2 times a year with no kids) and the whole dinner we talk about the kids. After, skipping coffee to get home to them.

54. Being different than the world. Being pecuilar.

53. The cool of the evening. (Mostly the thing I miss about California.)

52. A good cry.

51. Apple Jacks.

50. Being halfway done with this list. Why didnt I make it 50 things I love?

49. Hearing Rees say, “I don’t cares, mom.”

48. The boys playing sweet together.

47. A good bowl of potato soup on a cold night.

46. My friends. God, I love ’em.

45. Rees waking up from a nap and NOT peeing in my bed.

44. Coupons.

43. Sunshine.

42. Being on a boat.

41. Valentine’s Day isles the day after Christmas in stores. Oh wait, that would be on the things I hate list. Nevermind.

40. A good Mocha Latte.

39. The word of God. When in doubt, run into it.

38. Ironing. (i know, but its soothing to me..) Plus, I like the crisp, unwrinkled look not the popular, I just rolled out of bed and found these in the dirty clothes but they didnt smell too bad look. eeew.

37. My heater on a morning that feels like sub zero.

36. Socks. Knee highs, bright colors=better!

35. Finding new Birkenstocks at Goodwill in my size for 3.99!

34. Making a tent with my boys in the living room. Then leaving it up for 3 days.

33. Being with my sisters. Just us 4, laughing and being silly with them.

32. When anyone is good to my kids. Its like they are being good to me. (hmm sounds Biblical-Matt. 25:40)

31. Reading a good, edifying blog.

30. 2 cor 12:9-10 He truely said unto ME ‘my grace is sufficient for thee, my strength is made perfect in weakness.’ (particularly my own) These are my favorite verses in the Bible.

29. Building a snowman. One time when we lived in Big Bear, Ernie and I had to sit in traffic. It started to snow- we got out and made a snowman together. It was the best traffic I ever sat in. Now, you can marry a man you can build a snowman with!

28. Ernie. I swear I could do a blog ‘100 things I love about this man’ and it would be going quicker than this ‘100 things I love in general’ page.

27. Coconut. I love coconut. The smell, the taste, I love burning coconut oil year round, eating coconut cream pies year round and every time I smell it it reminds me of the beach.

26. Dreaming of going to Atlantis, Bahamas someday.

25. Getting a massage.

24. Getting Micro-Dermabrasion.

23. Costco.

22. Finding just what I wanted on eBay.

21. God’s redeeming power. Guttermost to the Uttermost!

20. That God uses ‘least likelies.’

19. Going to P.F. Changs for dinner.

18. Meeting new friends.

17.Visiting churches. Going on ‘church runs.’ Still need to get to Texas.

16. Campmeeting. I love it so much. Talks there have changed my life.

15. Both times I found out I was pregnant. I loved that feeling. The initial feeling, not the one that followed for the next 6 months. That would be on my things i dont love list.

14. I love weird comedy. The Jerk. Just about any John Hughes film from the 80’s (the first Griswald Family Vacation-when Clark leaves the dog tied to the bumper! rofl, Pretty in Pink, 16 Candles, Breakfast Club.) Ferris Bueller’s Day off. Mr Bean’s Holiday. (all on clean films, of course!) I think things are funny that arent to most people. I like things, scenarios, movies, comedy that a normal person would think is frustrating to watch because its so dumb. This is a long #14 sorry. I love to laugh!

13. Roller-Coasters.

12. Disneyland, even though its a rip off, its still magic to me. I am 6 years old whenever I walk down main street and smell the vanilla in the air.

11. Being ‘un-catergorizeable.’ If thats a word. Living life freely, not doing, being or saying what people think I should be.

10. 2nd chances. Yes, I said this twice. I believe in 2nd chances and the power to change.

9. Just saying “NO” to gossip. Gossip is like drugs, remember that commercial? This is your brain, this is your brain when you gossip. It takes over you and changes you. Its sad to see someone consumed in Gossip. If you gossip, I will not be your close friend. (wooo, scary. lol) I’m not saying I have never repeated something untrue, unkind or unnecessary, I just love to say “NO” to it.

8. Bungee jumping.

7. Being a Risk Taker. Jesus was a risk taker, wasn’t he? He took the biggest risk of his life on me!

6. Bradley’s big brown eyes, Rees’ big hazel eyes. How they look for now at the world through my lens. But someday they will use their own.

5. Sunflowers and Peach Roses.

4. I love that the e-Card fad has worn off.

3. I love when my friends blog.

2. Freedom.

1. My life. La Dulce Vita. Let it be written on her gravestone. She had ‘the Sweet Life.’


3 Responses to 100 Things

  1. Tina says:

    WOW. Very good.

  2. jan says:

    wow…. you knock my socks off everytime my dearest Sarah Jane….. I love all the 100 things you love too. I love most of all, your heart, and your beautiful husband and children, and the precious children you have both given us.
    I love how you love Ernie, and I know that stomach fluttering, and heart, when your husband drives up from a long day’s work, and when you think of your wedding day, and other special times, a walk to the park, a walk on the beach. etc….. I loved my husband, as you do yours. it’s indeed, a sweet life .. i love you thank you with all my heart for all you are and for being my dear friend, and daughter too. all my love, Jan you could write a book my love.. start on chapter one! thank you too for loving me, showing me that unconditional love and being so respectful and loving to me, even when I annoy the beejeebers out of you ….. : ) and let’s make you and ernie go out for dinner more than two times a year! with no children. I’LL BABYSIT, ONCE A MONTH OR TWICE FOR AN EARLY EVENING DINNER. I’LL PLAY SHUTES WITH BRAD AND REES….. : ) LOVE, YOU MY DARLING.

  3. travispbatista says:

    I love Ben Harper’s Forever!

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